Kool CRM Features

Kool CRM is a simple online Customer Relationship Management software with quote & invoice features built in, the software is in a hosted environment, which is very simple to use and easy to integrate with your core business. You can bill your customers hassle free, raise online payments and keep yourself updated about the receivables and payables.


We provide you a dashboard with wide range of options like Lead, Contact, Task Management, Opportunities and Projects and Sales, etc.


With Kool CRM you can use our own mail box. From here you an view all your mail, you can send a mail to your customer, you can receive mail from your customer etc.

Activities Management

In the Kool CRM there is option named Activities. From Activities menu you can create activities for today. You can views all activities which are done and which are in progress etc.

Lead Management

Kool CRM provides Lead Management to control your new customer or client. When a new customer just come you can easily add then using lead management.

Contact management

We provide you Contact Management for manager your customer or others contact information easily. You can search a contact information easily from here.

Task Management

In Kool CRM you can easily manage your task. For this we provide you Task Management. From here you can create new task, update previous task status and search among all tasks.

Opportunity Management

In Kool CRM there is a option names Opportunity Management. From here we can add new opportunity project or client with expected revenue, responsible person, probability of wining etc.

Project Management

We provide you a great option for you to manage your project very easily. You can view all projects and also can create new project with the project name, client name, start date, progress etc.


Send your customer an estimate for the service or product and save them up and once approved, all you need is to click an icon to convert to invoice and save.


You can send your customer an invoice for the service or product and save them up and once approved. You can view all of your invoice from here.

Recurring Invoicing

Kool CRM gives you a option name Recurring Invoice. From here you can set up an invoice and start date, end date. And also set a reminder that reminds the customer in every week, month or day when overrode the last date.

Help Desk support TT system

We provide you a option for give a ticker for support in Kool CRM. User can submit a ticket with their problem. User can view his ticker progress. Admin can change the current status of the submitted ticket.

Payments Receive

In Payment Receive option you can view all your received payment with the information of client name, invoice date, amount, payment method etc.

Expense Register

We provide you a great option named Expense Register to maintain your expense easily. You can view all expense information with account name, ammount, date, etc. You can also create new expense from here.

Users Level

With Kool CRM you can create new user and set their account type very easily. User can view their invoices and receipts. They can download their invoices and make payments through that login.

Simple Navigation

In Kool CRM we provide you very user friendly interface so that you can easily interact with this. We provide you very simple navigation so that you can easily navigate one option to another.